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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 3, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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>> the installation of the new joint allows the roadtrek to expand without taking the brunt of the damage during an earthquake. >> they also raise the debt in this area by 5 in. 5 in., dozen seismic bearings can be installed at a later time between the deck and the foundation. >> the work of the next few months will focus on installing the rest of those 96 bearings. this is a difference seismic
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element that we worked on this is weekend. it allows the deck to move independently during a seismic event. >> those bearings will be installed over the next few weeks during regular nighttime lane closures. >> caltrans says that during a typical liberal weekend war than 15,000 people are on this bridge. it took some numbers and found out there are additional off 500 or 600 and both directions on the san mateo bridge. that doesn't really add up all the way. they are not sure where the additional traffic that would have been here when serious they are saying that the bridge is open and things went well and this is the last time that there will be a complete closure of the dumbarton. signs that >>pam: knew at 8:00 p.m., teenagers are now aligned targeting short sale and foreclosed homes which have
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been left empty. appears that the teenagers are going after them for their own party locations. j.r stone is following the story and has more on what happened sunday night and concord. >> this is a tight community. if anyone tried to have a party, forget it! the neighbors are on top of it. >> that is the message to the teenagers to try to throw a party at this is the kickoff concord house on sunday. >> they think it is a great party house of they probably would have been. it is a big house. >> partying is one thing that how it was planned as a mother. they found a vacant home. this one is currently going through a short sale. the use social the media to get the word out. upon arrival, there was a
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photo of police outside just before 9:30 p.m.. >> i heard a lot of commotion out their cuneiform >> kids are actually trying to break in and as party at a property. that seems disturbing. >> there are getting smarter and quicker all with a communication out. >> no one was arrested for the simple reason that officers got here before there was a party. some neighbors were a bit upset over that say that if officers know about this they could have waited until the party started fast and then made arrests. >>pam: the families of two young men shot by police in vallejo, one of them killed are now calling out police for their violent response.
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the two men were shot early sunday morning near pepper rivals displaced. police claim that one of the suspects get out of the vehicle with a weapon that turned out to the pallid and. the second man in was hit in his backside. his father tells haaziq madyun that the store from lease does not match with his son told him. >>haaziq: multiple gunshots fired by police killing a 23 year-old, shortly after putting their hands and the appearance that is what kevin edwards says his son told him as it relates to romero been shot to death while the two recipients that are parked car. my son basically said he slumped over in his lap and
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protected him. >> his sense was wounded in recovering box and told him vallejo police have a wrong about the other suspect exiting the vehicle. >> i challenge the vallejo police department, police cars have nowadays have camera surveillance. >> the family is demanding that least provide evidence to support the story from the offices. it's >> let us see the proof. show us. fox shows the evidence the he was outside the car. >> police say a woman crossed in front of her husband's behalf and cause them to smash
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into her. their seven year-old daughter suffered severe injuries to her leg and foot and foot in front hospital in reno. the mother and five year-old son were taken to hospital with mild interest. as the father was unharmed. the violence in san jose started to fade of people in towns they will not rest until the violent month of august is a distant memory. at one point san jose saw eight homicides in 11 days. there was a protest to date protesting the spike in violent crime. >> does former gang members has a message for those living a life he left behind. >> it is not worth it! as you only end up in jail or dead. that is the truth. this >> he joined other residents on monday as they rallied for peace outside of this safely were a man was stabbed to death last month.
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some >> even with a police officer on every corner, violence is still happened. >> debra joined by other community activists feet and the group marched to lake cunningham park calling for an end to violence that has plagued san jose in recent months with 33 homicides, several of which have occurred on the east side. >> chosen are getting neglected so they're going to find a place where they can join in and be part of something. sadly, the gangs are giving them a place. >> the violence has lessons of late with more police on the street cracking down on gangs the steep are convinced the only way to keep the peace is for everyone to be involved.
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>>pam: vandals have struck the oakland hills fire some monuments again. someone cut off five of the metal bars from the sculpture sometime between saturday night and sunday mornings. the scope of the books burned trees and trees growing in the wake of the firestorm. 25 people were killed and 3000 homes in the oakland hills were burned two decades ago. this is the third time this culture has been vandalized since to death in 10. >> the san jose sphere >>brian: it will they at the coast today but it was hot
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inland with temperatures making it into the mid-90s, although it up to 95 95 in fairfield. livermore was 4 degrees shy of 100. eighties in the south bay and north bay. it was much chillier at the close. costs doffs here is a live in view looking out at the dumbarton bridge. we have a clear skies as look to the west although we will begin to see some fog pushing into the bay after midnight tonight. at midnight look for their size and fog hangs out at the coast and then towards san francisco and oakland. it will be gone by 9:00 a.m. -10:00 a.m. with the exception of the fog at the beaches. sunny and warm for the afternoon.
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>>pam: it has been a brutal summer for gasoline prices but those prices could drop this fall. quarks a santa cruz has a no roller-coaster going in at the boardwalk. a look at the special feature that makes it different. far >> the mobile payment revolution is coming. coming up in my tech report i want to show you one of my favorite mobile payment services. he is an act that you download and makes mobile payments really easy. i will show you that coming up.
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>>pam: of the people of
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richmond 1 chevron to make some significant changes to the refinery with a massive fire broke out last month. that fire sent toxic smoke spreading through the east bay. in the last four weeks more than 14,000 people have visited the area hospitals complaining of conditions related to the fire and smoke. maureen kelly joined those people today, many of them rallied for drastic improvements. >> around 50 people marched peacefully through the streets of richmond chanting slogans. they also carried signs calling for a public takeover of the refinery. protesters made speeches in a rally in front of the plant demanding the criminal punishment of those running the company for not previously replacing subtype that ultimately failed. >> if you are refusing to replace the pipes, what should be in charge? it is criminal negligence in we are saying that they should be prosecuted. they should not be in charge of running a refinery.
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>> they want chevrons of on a hospital help people in the community to deal with ailments they believe are caused by pollution coming from the refinery. >> 30% of the children and richmond have as much. it is caused by this refinery. >> a spokesperson says they are continuing to cooperate with the investigations into the cause of the accident and they vow to take steps so that it never happens again and they say they will keep listening to members of the community about ways to help them afford the they have no plans in giving up control of the refinery there have been running for more than a century. >>pam: record high gasoline prices may have hurt labor day vacation budgets but some relief is coming. aaa says this fall prices could drop ¢ a gallon. if you want to know who pays the most in the nation right now, there is a web site called gas buddy. they have a key to that. the green of a color the cheaper gas. denver colorado is the green
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is spot on the map with gas at less than $3.50 a gallon. as usual, california is the hot spot. the red and orange in the keating $4 or more per gallon. the bay area is the deepest red with prices hovering around $4.20 a gallon. here are the latest average is from aaa. hist >>brian: a foggy scene at the golden gate tonight. we really have some thick fog out there this evening is. a few miles away from the golden gate and we have completely clear skies with a beautiful evening and warm temperatures. we have cool readings currently at the coast. in daly city, 52 degrees, the same for half moon bay. it gets warmer in sunnyvale with '70s and '80s into pittsburgh in the san ramon.
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for tonight, a clear evening for most spot. the golden gate is an exception. and we will see fog pushing and after midnight. small the fall will be with us bayside and into the north bay valleys periods for wednesday look for pretty much the same deal, similar weather as we go to the week. the one difference is it will be a couple of degrees cooler each and every day. 7:00 a.m. fog by the day and in the north bay but it backs up pretty quickly. by 9-10:00 a.m. the fog is gone at least for the day in the north bay but it will still have the close to the early morning and into the afternoon with some partial clearing as we get into our 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. sunshine. temperatures in the upper 70's and low-mid-80s.
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>>pam: the santa cruz beach boardwalk is getting a facelift one of its most popular rides, the hurricane is being taken down. the committee of this shows us what is in store for the popular amusement park. >>vicki: for 20 years the hurricane has given board all visitors the thrills and chills fees that go with enemies of the park star attraction. now, it is coming down for something like anything the boardwalk has seen before, the undertow. it is not the tallest roller coaster at 50 ft or the fastest
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at 40 mi. per hour if however, it does feature a rear design. if is bins your car as he move along the track, much like the undertow of the surf. the ride gives the sensation of being pulled in and under. part organizers hope to have a $5.5 billion roller-coaster open next year. it will join the the giant dipper which has been running since 1924. >>pam: the mobile payment revolution is coming. smart phones and the tablets are replacing your wallet. one bay area startup is on the cutting edge of this emerging technology. gabe slate has a look at more. >>gabe: there is a funny tran happening in the bay area. some small businesses and restaurants and retailers are ditching the traditional cash register its and replacing it with a tablet. >> it is me to see.
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this >> go, pay, go offers businesses an easier way. >> everything is consolidated to one area. before we had a cash register in credit card machine and it was harder to consolidate at the end of the day. now, it is all in one. >> the tablet runs the act, they can take orders, and track orders and receive mobile payments and take a swipe from a credit card and cash still works. >> let me tell you about what they offer for non business owners. download of their free mobile at, and your credit card into once, it is stored from then on searched the area you are in to see nearby merchants that accepts go, okay, go. look at their menu and prices in place an order. it is a very thorough.
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you will get a tax from the merchant you received the order in the data text and your phone what to the counter, flashed a receipt and a visit. no cards, cash or wallet. >> the customer's gives the line and if just flashes their receipt. faith take their items and they are on their way. in san francisco we have been able to launch the service to 600 merchants. fleet of about 65,000 people in san francisco using its. that has been over the course of two months. we're back to buy j.p. morgan chase. our system is secure. we use very signed a security encryption off
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in >> for those of us old enough to remember flipper, check out this video these guys are on a tuna fishing trip. instead of tuna fish they are being tailed by a playful dolphins hitching a ride behind their fishing boat.
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democrats are ready to rally around the president at the officially accepts the nomination at the convention this week. republicans do not plan to let them take all of the spotlight. will look of the message from both sides as democrats on workfare to build support going into the democratic convention. if the oakland a's are going for 10 in a row as they make a big push towards the postseason. thefts
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is half
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>>pam: we're going live to the dumbarton bridge, charles clifford have good news about the reopening. >>charles: with our live next to the dumbarton bridge, you can see some cars coming here, the bridge has reopened. it was opened in 10 hours earlier than originally planned traffic is pretty light this
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evening. that is probably because most people were not planning on using the bridge. does caltrans finished two major projects of the bridge. the upper case on >> they could and a 42 in. joined to allow more local rum. they also raise a portion of the deck 5 in. off of the foundation.
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tests and at
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>>pam: concerns about how the virus correlating to mass cancellations. costs
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fans who >> clear skies this evening.
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so if the seven insanity's but patience a side. their red area shrinks as we head into wednesday. >>pam: democrats are hours away from kicking off their national conventions. the republicans are trying to not allow them to domestic -- to steal the spotlight. bonds >> michele obama did the traditional on state law for today. she was the tuesday night in charlotte for.
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republicans are not getting the balance in the polls they had hoped for.
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with >> despite the drought is that we face in this new century health we saw three straight days of an agenda out of the last century. there was a rerun. you might as love what should on black-and-white television. >> actor michael clarke and duncan has died.
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